We are centered on the idea of building relationships, not selling products. If you have questions on emerging mobile technologies contact us. We will give our best advice and assume that if we are earnest and helpful the business will follow. Prentice Technologies is about fostering connection and community to solve real world problems that help people. That was what brought us together and will remain the first and primary service that we offer our clients.

To do this we have worked with a number of local and national health care and therapy organizations to create systems for hospital & clinic patient registration, outpatient care, surgery, autism therapy, and speech communication.

We have extensive experience with

  • Serious Games for healthcare and therapy
  • Mobile healthcare applications
  • RFID Chips & Wireless Sensor Systems
  • Streaming & encrypted video systems
  • Custom made mobile and Kinect Games
  • Arduino platform for custome mobile devices
  • Emerging Mobile Information Appliances